Saturday, May 17, 2008

All Punked Out

E. Badu and the roots was a nice concert. I wanted to be all "punked" out for it, I even put my locks in a mohawk. Check out the pics!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

FOTD: Colorful

I haven't dabbled in my makeup all week so I thought it was time to play in some. This look is very colorful! I can't wait to try it again...
  • I started with a nice clean moisturized face. Then I added UDPP to the eyes.

  • Apply MAC Delft paint pot to the lower lid

  • Apply MAC Electra to the inner portion of the lower lid and pull the color outwards.

  • Next pull out some Minerals. First I applied just a little bit of Armaleigh's Nico to the inner part of my eye.

  • Apply Armaleigh's Chloe to crease and blend in with Nico and apply Armaleigh's Lulu to crease. (Sorry pic of Lulu did not come out, but it is a hot pinkish color)
  • Apply MAC Vex to browbone, and I used a light blue eye pencil on the lower lid.

  • Blend well, and apply your favorite eye liner and mascara, define brows, and add some blush and lipgloss.
Ladies let your locks down and that it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Shirt

I saw this shirt on-line and thought it would be great to wear to the Erica Badu concert next week. I am going to be completely punked out that day, and I got some cute accessories to go with it. I also want some light patent pumps. I am going to go shopping for those this weekend... maybe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tag... I'm It

  • My Foundation: I'm not a big Foundation gurl, but when I do where foundation I use Mary Kay
  • My Mascara: Maybelline
  • My Blush: L'Oreal HIP Blusing Creme
  • My Eye Shadow: Mainly MAC and L'Oreal HIP
  • My Day Cream: Shea Butter or Cocoa butter
  • My Lipstick: I don't really like lipstick, but I LOVE Lipgloss, MAC mainly
  • My Beauty Product Brand: MAC mainly
  • My Essential Beauty Product: Lip gloss, I don't think I can leave without it!
  • My Favorite Makeup Product: I absolutely adore eyemakeup
  • My Perfumes: Can't stand them, gives me crucial headaches. However I do wear body sprays
  • My Nails: I rarely polish them
  • My Feet: I am only a foot person during open toe season.
  • My Hands: Anything that keeps them smooth and moisturized. I like Aveeno
  • My Ultimate Dream: A cake load of money!
  • My Favorite Fashion Publication: Don't really have one