Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dream Mousse Shadow

Now I love a good sale when I see one. Last week I was at Rite Aid, (my favorite makeup drugstore) and they had a Maybelline sale. I bought 4 shades of Maybelline Dream Mousse Shadow for $12.00, it was BOGO. I really like the shades that I bought, they are great for spring. I don't like the application of them, but the finish is beautiful and blends very well with other shades of eye shadow. You can apply them directly using your fingers, but I prefer using a brush. The color lasted all day. Should have uploaded a pic, but my lzay behind need to recharge the batteries in the camera. Have you tried the mousse shadows? Care to comment...

The shades I bought are:

Mint Dream

Turquoise Breeze

Tranquil Rose

Vanilla Veil


nywele said...

Hello. I've tried Stila mousse products: the eyeshadow and blush.
The eyeshadow had to be followed with a powder shadow because by itself it creases! As for the blush (sweet pea),it was nice but not a must have. I gave it to my little sister

Lakia said...

I will have to upload some pictures today, but I used my UDPP first and then applied the mousse and it did not crease at all. I must of looked crazy zooming in the mirror in the ladies room trying to see if it creased, but it never did.