Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jewlery.... Love, Locks, and Natural Hair Expo

I got a lot of jewelry today, earrings, loc jewelry, and ring, all under $20.00 bucks. This picture also includes a loc soc (for my hair), it was $10.00. I also got this piece of loc jewelry from the Love, Locs, and Natural Hair Expo. You probably can't tell but it is the the Giza pyramid with the all seeing eye. I thought it was cool. I am going to have my loctician put it in my hair for me once I go and get my hair retightened. The earrings and the ring came from a vendor in Greenbelt. My daughters girl scout troup was at Greenbelt Community Center, and down the street they had music and vendors. The beautiful lady who made them was selling everything dirt cheap because she was just starting out. I could not resist a good deal!

I wish I would have taken this picture before I was out in the smouldering sun. Everything MAC today. I am wearing Humid, Down Brown, Woodwinked e/s with Mac concealer. Black track liner, and Mascara. That's about it, the lipgloss was wiped off a long time ago. No foundation, no blush (too damn hot). LMAO


nywele said...

beautiful haul!

Sass said...

so pretty!

mahoganyhomeschooler said...

Blessed Love Sistren,
Visit for loc adornments and other afrocentric accessories:)

mark said...

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