Monday, April 28, 2008

FOTD... Everyday Eye Make Up

I think I have been doing this same routine for at least 4 years. There is eye shadows that I can just where any day, for any occasion. I used to be a Mary Kay consultant, I still love my MK and there is a combination of colors that I just got to have.

MK - Whipped Cocoa on crease

MK- Moonstone as brow bone highlight

MK - Gold leaf on lid or Moonstone on lid

It is a combination that I just can't go wrong with. I can wear it to work, school, Church, special occasions, and to the club. Do you have an everyday makeup combination.


nywele said...

it is so pretty :)
I love how soft and pretty the look is..and you're right, it is versatile

nywele said...

you've been tagged for another game. I can't wait to read your entry

SuzieC said...

Great look! I am still trying to find that perfect natural pallet. Right now my favorite natural go to color is the HIP shadow Saucy. It's like a shimmery gold and brown combo.