Thursday, April 3, 2008

Something About Purple

Welcome all, I have a blog that is all about my hair. I also love makeup. I decided to seperate the two blogs to appease both my audiences. I can not describe how much I love eye makeup. Continue to frequent my blog and you will see just how much I adore it! Thanks for comming. Enjoy!
I love wearing puprle eyeshadow. This was done late at night, after a painful session of tweezing the brows. I was about to jump in the shower so I did not put on any eyeliner. And yes, those are my real lashes. LOL!

Here is what I used...
Mac -Electra on lid
Vicky Secret - Eye's Open on brown bone
Vicky Secret - No Strings on outer V
MK - Cotton Candy on crease
Maybeline Eye Crayon - Slate on water line
Hip Blendable Blushing Creme in Elated
Lips: MAC lipglass in Lust


yummy411 said...

thanks for inviting me over! great look, lashes and brows...

so we sucked you into the beauty blogging huh? mwhahahaa! LOL ;)

i will add you to the blogroll as soon as i update it. if you don't see it there, remind me. i always add stuff to google reader and forget about the blogroll =/

nywele said...

Congratulations on your new beauty blog! I'll link it to mine....
where did you buy the Vicky eyeshadow?
the make-up is very pretty!!

yummy411 said...

tag you're it! check out my blog for details!

nywele said...

Hey, i've just tagged you for the 6 random facts about yourself :)

Lakia said...

I got the Vicky shadows from Victoria Secrect during their annual blow out sale back in January. Most the colors I bought were being dicontinued and I think I got shadows for $2.00 each. It's from the very sexy line.

- Thanks yummy, yes I got sucked in. Maintaing two blogs will be interesting though.

Afrodite said...

You have such beautiful eyes and thanks for the link.